• Major Victory:

    Class Action Lawsuit Against IRS Certified by Judge

  • The IRS targeted, harassed, and intimidated

    tea party, Christian, pro-Israel and other conservative groups.

  • Citizens for Self-Governance filed the only class action lawsuit

    against the federal government to defend these law-abiding Americans.

  • The IRS scandal reveals Washington DC culture of corruption

    and shows what can happen when the government refuses to stay within the confines of the Constitution.


The IRS has been caught red-handed. In a stunning show of the Obama Administration’s abuse of power, the IRS admitted at the highest levels to targeting, harassing and intimidating tea party, Christian, pro-israel and other conservative groups. Their intimidation has undermined the ability of ordinary Americans to freely participate in the democratic process and must be stopped.

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Did you know that IRS agents were given a “watch list” of “key words” to look for in applications for tax exempt status? Tea party, Israel, and Patriot are some of the terms that agents were told to “look out for.”

These American organizations were singled out, given extra scrutiny, needlessly delayed, ignored and treated unconstitutionally. They were intimidated by being ordered to answer intrusive questions and threatened with being held “upon penalty of perjury.”

In fact, the IRS has admitted to purposefully targeting these groups for years. This bureaucracy must be held accountable for their actions.

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Citizens for Self-Governance filed the first and only class action lawsuit against the IRS to hold these powerful bureaucrats accountable.



We are providing counsel at our own expense and won’t receive any monetary reward. If we win, funds will be distributed to those named in the suit. If an attorneys’ fees claim is successful, that portion will be used to reimburse litigation costs. The attorneys will not receive a portion of the settlement.



The cost of fighting this battle is enormous. The cost of losing is even bigger. Please help us defray the escalating costs of this high stakes litigation. With a small contribution, you can be a part of this epic struggle for free speech and self-governance.

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With a government bent on taking away our liberties and a media hesitant to ask hard questions, it’s sometimes difficult to tell what’s actually going on. This website will keep you up-to-date with the latest news on the IRS scandal. As U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis famously said -- “sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

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