The IRS has been caught red-handed.

In a stunning show of the Obama Administration’s abuse of power, the IRS admitted at the highest levels to targeting, harassing and intimidating tea party, Christian, pro-israel and other conservative groups. Their intimidation has undermined the ability of ordinary Americans to express themselves and freely participate in the democratic process. This must be stopped.

Citizens for Self-Governance filed the only class action lawsuit against the federal government to hold them accountable for their actions.  We are honored to come alongside citizens who are fighting back against a malicious government set out to destroy our freedoms. Through our Sue the IRS Project, Citizens for Self-Governance intends to:

1.  Bring those involved in this government overreach and abuse of power to light. Through deposition, discovery, subpoena and other legal processes, we seek to expose those who have intimidated law-abiding Americans.  Citizens deserve to know who — and at what level of the Washington establishment —  made these decisions.

2.  Recover damages for organizations that were harmed by the IRS. This includes:

Loss of income due to intimidation of donors.

Needless accounting, personnel time and other professional fees expended in order to comply with unreasonable, intrusive and intentionally detailed, irrelevant demands from the federal government.

Punitive damages for organizations that were damaged or did not survive the intimidation and illegal scrutiny.

3.  Shine light on wrongdoing, which will deter the IRS and other government agencies from engaging in illegal behavior without the fear of being caught, exposed and brought to justice.

Congress Focuses On IRS Delay In Disclosing Groups' Scrutiny

The IRS’s conducted a long-running assault on law-abiding citizens, beginning shortly after the tea party’s emergence in 2009.   This governmental intimidation was orchestrated by senior IRS officials, and facilitated by the White House, Congressional Democrats, and a cooperative mainstream media perfectly willing to look the other way.


Now that the administration is trying to cover their tracks, we’re here to expose their misdeeds.

It’s a matter of self-governance.
It’s a matter of truth.
It’s a matter of justice.

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