Why is Citizens for Self-Governance spearheading this effort?

1. There were and are no other class action lawsuits filed to shine light on this blatant abuse of power. This falls within our mission and we felt a duty to purse it.
2. We want to expose those who decided to use their positions in the federal government to prevent, intimidate or bully Americans with different opinions from speaking out.
3. We want to recover damages for these targeted organizations who were either financially or operationally harmed in the process.
4. We want to prevent this harassment and use of fear of the government from happening in the future.

What are you suing for?

Citizens for Self-Governance is not in this for the money.
We are suing on behalf of those harmed in the suit.  The only money that may come back to us is in the event that legal fees are awarded, we have the potential to recover some or all of what we have paid to the legal counsel.  We do not stand to financially benefit from victory in this challenge.

Don’t the attorneys get the money if/when damages are awarded?

CSG is paying the attorneys. They will not be paid from or receive a percentage of the settlement for the plaintiffs. As stated above, any settlement specifically for legal fees will be used to pay the lawyers and the balance of their fees will be paid by CSG.

What is the difference from a standard lawsuit and a “Class Acton” Lawsuit?

In a class action, we represent all possible injured parties not represented by their own lawyers in separate lawsuits. A “class” is certified by the court to represent all potential injured parties.

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